The Albatross is one of Max's Spheda club and accessorily a melee weapon in Dark Cloud 2. This Spheda club is only built up from the Falcon and it won't come with any special abilities.

Its in-game description reads "Spheda club. Good for long and curved shots."

This Spheda club is the last weapon that can be built up in the "Spheda club path" : it'll have some high stats so it can defeat enemies, with the wrenches' standard 5-hit combo. But the Albatross, like all others Spheda clubs aren't really suited for fighting in dungeons'.

You can find the Albatross in dungeons' chests, it cannot be bought in weapon shops, but it can be invented, like all others Spheda clubs.

The Albatross is a medium-tier weapon (Tier 6) : it'll gain 4 Synthesis Points (SP) per level-up.

Inventing itEdit

In order to invent the Albatross, you'll need the 3 following ideas :

  • Fire Squall
  • Geyser
  • Tree


(Scan) Albatross

Concept art drawing of the Albatross.

The Albatross is only for players who want to play with a "hard" Spheda club. This club has the highest power of all the clubs so you'll be able to shoot the sphere very far. This club also works very well with all the advanced swings so you'll be able to easily control your shoots... But there's a big drawback : you don't have ANY room for error, the only space you've got in order to have a good shoot is the "Perfect" yellow room which is very small. To resume, if you want to have a correct shoot with this club, you are forced to make Perfect shoots (with the musical sign above Max's head when it's successfully done).


Stats and Build-Up Requirements
Att Dur Flm Chl Ltn Cyc Smh Exo Bst Scl
Min. 77 45 0 0 0 80 0 0 80 0
Max. 120 75 125 125 125 125 125 125 125 125

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