Adel (Rune)

The maid at Max's house. She likes to make clothes.

— In-game description

Adel is a recruitable character in Dark Cloud 2, and works as Max and Gerald's maid. She has never been able to see a project through to the end, but if she is able to and gets her confidence up, she will join Blackstone One. Adel is quiet and somewhat withdrawn, lacking in confidence. She needs a little help to realize her potential. Adel wears a stereotypical black and white maid uniform, with her hair tied in two buns. Her face has the look of someone proud, yet quiet. She is required to live in Sindain to complete the chapter since she is needed to fulfill the requirements for the Tailor Shop needed to buy the Himarra Badge.

Dreaming I Was Dreaming (Adel's request): In order to recruit Adel, head to her room in Max's house (after the kitchen). Once found, talk to her with Max. To recruit her, Max must give her 1 Thick Hide, 1 Hunk of Copper and 1 Sturdy Cloth so she can make clothes. All the required items can be bought from Conda (with the exception of the Thick Hide), who is located at the very end of the Blackstone One. The Thick Hide can be purchased from Morton's Sundries in Palm Brinks. Upon doing so, and coming back later, she hands over Green Overalls or the denim overalls.


  • Gradually raises WHP of unequipped weapons
  • Will sell you fruit items

Adel's FruitsEdit


  • Even if she has 48 Skill Points when added in the party, Adel hasn't got any skill available so her 48 Skill Points are used to raise your WHP.

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